River Cruising

There is no better way to experience a destination than a river cruise. It's simple, comfortable and offers full cultural immersion with longer stays in port and enrichment programs onboard. Offering spacious, well-appointed suite accommodations, the exceptional quality, and service.

As a Certified River Cruise Expert, I have experience and knowledge about river cruising and river cruising providers that many agents do not have. I am uniquely qualified to help you explore your options and help plan your perfect river cruise.

Who You'll Be Cruising With

If you have already done all the travel cliches and are seeking more of an enlightened, cultured and sophisticated vacation then river cruising is for you. Though river cruises are mostly fueled by people who are over 50, or the so called baby boomers, who prefer quiet, sociable evenings, some river ships offer family friendly cruises (though babies are rare) or even ships for solo- travelers. The makeup of a liner mostly include a demographic who have already taken an ocean cruise and are ready to move inland to explore the very heart of magnificent cities and ancient towns.

Best Times to Go

Whether you choose to cruise the Rhine in the spring or cruise the Danube river in the December to see the Christmas Markets, you're still guaranteed to see and explore the cities, towns and villages that traditional large ships usually can't access. If you want to avoid large crowds, high prices and stroll the streets without feeling rushed then cruising during off-season may suit you best. However, if you want to catch the annual outdoor events and summer festivals then cruising during high tourist season may be just the right time to go. Either way, you're guaranteed a vacation!

What You Should Pack

Weather is unpredictable and temperatures can fluctuate so it's best to be prepared and plan on taking layers, even if the weather is warm. Most river cruises don't have formal nights so there's no need for formal wear unless, you're planning a formal evening while visiting one of your cruise destinations. Comfortable walking shoes for those European cobblestone streets, layers for chilly evenings or windy nights, a swimsuit just in case your cruise has a pool and sportswear if you decide to be active beyond your daily tours. Also, although most ships have U.S. adapter and USB ports, not all cruise lines do, so its best to be prepared and pack an adapter for European plugs.