Ocean Cruising

Take one part cool ocean breezes. Add abundant amenities, unlimited dining, activities for every type of traveler and you've got a vacation magnifique! From ships the size of small cities, to boutique yachts for 10, ocean cruising offers experiences for every traveler.

As a Certified Ocean Cruise Expert, I have experience and knowledge about ocean cruising and ocean cruise lines that many agents do not have. I am uniquely qualified to help you explore your options and help plan your next ocean cruise.

Who You'll Be Cruising With

Cruises come in all shapes and sizes therefore making it very appealing as a vacation option. If you're seeking a cruise which will offer a more sophisticated experience with upscale restaurants and exclusive entertainment then cruising with Holland America and Celebrity Cruises may suit you best. If you're a Disney enthusiast then a Disney cruise is right for you. From entertainment and dining to childcare, Disney cruise line will not only attend to the youngsters but also to the adults. It is also rare in its industry for providing pool areas for the diapered babies and toddlers. If interactive Disney programming and expansive themed play areas is not your cup of tea, then cruising with brands such as Norwegian Cruise Line or Royal Caribbean where you can seek the thrill of surf and skydiving simulators, water slides, basketball courts, ice and inline skating may be a better fit to drain your bottomless well of energy.

Best Times to Go

When it comes to cruising there's really no one-size-fits- all. If you're looking for cheaper pricing then it pays to check out the value pricing offered during the "shoulder season"- the time between peak and off- peak season. The extra dollars saved can be used to sail a more luxurious liner or for onshore excursions. You must keep in mind though, the tempt of cheaper pricing and less crowded ports may also bring less ideal weather, some seasonal closures or even an itinerary change due to unpredictable weather (though this can happen during high season as well). Of course for some, the best time to travel is when the weather is nicest or when the kids are on break from school. Unfortunately, those times can also quickly turn to the most expensive and most crowded. As you plan your next cruise, you'll need to put some careful thought into just what kind of traveler you are- Thrill seeker? Party-goer? Foodie? Chill Out and Retreater? -and factor in which type of cruise vacation will not only suit your vacation schedule and budget but also fit your travel personality.

What You Should Pack

Unless you've booked a large suite with ample space it would be a lot easier for you if you don't overpack, as space in cabins are limited- you don't want to wrestle with excess luggage. Many guests tend to take twice as much as they need without realizing that cruising has become a more casual vacation with a "resort-casual" dress code. Think men in slacks and collared shirt and women in sundresses, slacks or skirts. Even jeans are making a staple in many cruise ships dining rooms. For those of you who love to dress up some cruise lines do offer tux rentals for an additional price so you don't have to overpack. Make sure to pack accordingly and plan what you will bring with you ahead of time and don't forget the sunscreen!