On the northern coast of Columbia you will find the contry's most popular tourist destination: Cartagena.

In Cartagena you will find colomi architecture, cobblestone streets, white sandy beaches and the beautiful carribean waters. At night you will come across the effervescent nightlife starting with a scrumptious seafood dinner followed by passionate salsa parties and plenty of Colombian pina coladas along the way.

If you were planning on sightseeing then you will not be disappointed. There is no better place to start your exploration than right at the heart of Cartagena - the old walled city of Ciudad Amarullada. As you explore, you will find colonial mansions, blooming colorful flowers out on the balconies, and the many charming plazas. If you are exploring on your own (without a tour that is) be sure to visit Casa de Marques Valdehoyos. It is a beautiful edifice that houses the Tourist Office where you can get some valuable information and maps of the area.
Also for those of you who would much rather explore the city on a horse-drawn carriage then just hail one, negotiate a reasonable price and you are in for a romantic ride. To top it off, the person maneuvering the carriage will also be more than happy to act as your informal tourist guide along the way.

Some of the many historical attractions to check out in the area include The Palace of the Inquisition with its dark history of persecution, the impressive 16th century Cathedral, and Museo de Oro y Arqueloguia, among many others. If you love some sweet treats, then don't miss a short stopover at the Portal de Dulces where a wide selection of mouth-watering goodies awaits. While those who love to shop till you drop can check out Las Bovedas whose old dungeons now house boutiques and shops for eager visitors. 

Just before the sunset, be sure to get to the scenic Convento de la Popa. Its flowered courtyard is the perfect location to witness the spectacle of the setting sun with a breathtaking view of Cartagena in the foreground. For your nighttime entertainment, proceed to the vibrant Bocagrande and El Laguito. These seafront locations are the places to hangout at night where you will enjoy a wide selection of cafes, restaurants, bars and shops. Make sure to hit the dance floor and salsa until dawn. 

Of course, while vacationing in Cartagena you must spend some time on the beach. The cerulean waters of the Caribbeancoupled with white powdery sand will keep you by the shore from sun up to sun down. Local hawkers also make the beach experience a lot more interesting. If you are in need of a massage, a masseur will approach you in no time to offer their services. If you’re hungry/thirsty you do not even need to get up because fresh coconuts and platters of fruit will come your way in a jiffy. Just look around and a hawker is bound to catch your eyes and know exactly what you want and make your day at the beach perfect. 

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