Bullfighting Festival in Spain

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Bullfighting Festival in Spain

Postby marry1 » Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:48 am

Spain is the most famous “bullfighting kingdom” in the world. Some people say, there are no place no bullfighting and no people don’t love watching bullfighting. In recent years, about fifty million foreign tourists enter to Spain every year, but most of them come for watching the bullfighting.
The Spain bullfighting began in thirteenth Century. Now, there are over 400 bullring in Spain, the largest bullring can accommodate twenty thousand people. The number of the bullfighting is more than 5000. The bull cow is feeding and stocking at the country about 4-6 years.
Before the bullfighting is a parade. The Matador come into the bullring when the music start, they were all dressed in embroidered corsetry and legging, wore a tree-cornered hat. The Matador is generally about 20; they were led by two knights to around the stadium. Then, the tmaster announced the bullfighting began.
There were 6 bulls have played in the show, their weight between 370-500 kilograms, each cow would cost 20 minutes. The chair introduced the age and weight of the cow to audience, when introduced the famous matador, the audience will be met with thunderous applause.
The bullfighting level of the matador is not only to see the Teaser bull’s technology, but also to see if he would kill the cow by one sword. Everyone who can kill the cow by one sword, host would announce praise the matador a cow ear; if his teasing act has been excellent, also give him a shelter.
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